PIV-centric sexuality in popular culture



SEX AND THE CITY (1998-2004).  out of all the shows ive included *and* the ones i didnt, this show probably skeeves me out the most: its entire premise is repulsive to me now, now that ive become a PIV-critical radical feminist.  just, ew.  4 single women serially dating in manhattan — the extreme fuckability mandates alone are enough to send me into spasms of revulsion and despair.

on that note, the episode that sticks out to me the most out of all of them (although i dont think ive seen them all, at least not intentionally) is S4E16, where carrie realizes that she cant afford the downpayment on her apartment, and in fact has been utterly unable to save any money at all over time, because shes spent $40,000 on shoes.  and thats just the shoes.

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Pictures of unintended children above the marital bed. D’oh.

The SIMPSONS (1989- ).  after 23 seasons, they are *still* making new episodes of this show.  it will not go away.  so lets talk about it!  this was the first primetime “cartoon for adults” that i am aware of, and its very tame compared to the other adult cartoons around today that i cant even watch.  tame as in…subtle i guess?  because it has the same features of PIV-propaganda that all these shows have.  when analyzing misognyny, male entitlement and PIV-centrism in popular culture, even cartoons, clearly its just a matter of degree.  i wont be analyzing childrens cartoons anytime soon though, because im actually scared of what i might find there.

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Friends don’t knock each other up.

FRIENDS (1994-2004).  i was watching this show before it was cool, im sorry to say.  and i watched it during and after too.  its a show i love to hate i guess: i wouldnt be friends with any of them (and surely they would despise me) and their idiotic shenannigans are literally painful to watch.  who could forget the one where all the guys mansplain to the women how penetration is the best part of sex and how foreplay is just…fore?  just, ew.

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What I like about teh menz

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU (2002-2006).  this one is a little newer than the rest, so doesnt qualify as “classic” television…like, you know, married with children…but its really very charming.  or i used to think so, before i became PIV-critical.  what bothers me most about this show now is probably the fact that it features teenaged girls wearing high-heeled shoes.  i guess coming of age in the 1980s, some of us at least had that going for us: back then, most of the shoes were flat.  but what we lost in heel-height was overly made up for with big hair.  amirght?  who is in charge of fashion around here, anyway?  because its ridiculous.

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Amazonian paradise is nice, but male attention is better.

WONDER WOMAN (1975-1979).  ah wonder woman i love you so much!  along with bewitched and buffy, the female-super-hero genre was such a welcome respite from the more blatant woman-hating in every other show (but even these werent feminist).  what i remember most about wonder woman is that it presented an image to me that i had never considered before: a male-free amazonian paradise, where women are free, safe, and happy, and they live in complete peace and order with ample sunshine, trees and water.  seriously, i never even imagined that such a thing was possible, before i saw the depictions of wonder womans native “paradise island” at various points in the show.  if i found an amazonian paradise like this today, i dont think i would ever leave: but wonder woman did leave.  in fact, what we have here is a perfect illustration of the first common theme/criteria of the PIV-centric narrative, where the goal is to “land a man.”

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The title is a euphemism for PIV!!!11!1

The FACTS OF LIFE (1979-1988).  the title is a euphemism for PIV.  it is!  and it focuses on the lives of 4 underage girls, and was canceled after the girls got old (and fat).  yes, it had a good run, and yes, that happens to a lot of shows (all of them) that revolve around young children…but its gross mkay? and im not even going to say anything else about it.  the full episode (in 3 parts) entitled “the oldest living graduate” is embedded below.

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A very special episode of pelvic inflammatory disease

GIMME A BREAK (1981-1987).  i literally havent seen this show in probably 25 years, but i used to watch it regularly as a child.  while i remember the general themes and the feeling of the show (dating anxiety of the teenaged girls mostly) 1 episode sticks out for me most: the oldest sister being hospitalized for complications from an IUD.  in fact, that episode perfectly illustrates one of our common themes/criteria: normalizing womens reproductive stress and pain.

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